Integration, Migration, We don’t Lock, We Help

Easy Integration with Other System

  • Acquire data from any Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED), and OPC Servers through RS-232/485 and Ethernet Port
  • Acquire data from Marine Navigation & Monitoring Equipment with NMEA-2000 or NMEA-0183
  • Integrate with Existing SCADA System with Modbus or OPC
  • Integrate with IT/Business System with our open RESTful Web API
  • Integrate with existing Oracle or SQL Databases
  • Maximize the use of your existing system or equipment

Backup Your Data, Move On-Premise, No Vendor Lock-In

  • Cancel Subscription Anytime, Backup All Your Data in the Cloud to Local SQL Database
  • Easily Move from Cloud to On-Premise Servers
  • No RTU / Field Gateway Hardware Lock-In, use your own hardware and spare parts if you want
  • We provide migration service at a reasonable cost if you decide to use other system