Take Advantage of Our Tested, Purpose-Built, Ready-to-Use Hardware & Software Solution.

Ready-to-Use Solution Built based on Years of Industry Experience and Tons of Customer Use Cases

  • Pre-defined features, data structure, user interface, an reporting templates for each equipment/unit in the solution. Simple equipment/unit configuration, no programming.
  • Each solution is built based on our years of experience in Instrumentation & Control System Integration Projects and Various Customer Use Cases. Our solutions should cover most of your needs whether you’re in Asset Management, Operation, or Maintenance.
  • We also provide services to build custom solution.

Reliable Hardware, Tested in Demanding Environment

  • Our RTU/Field Gateway Hardware has been tested in demanding environment in Oil & Gas Industries, installed outdoor withstanding hot and rainy days. Hazardous Area & Marine Enclosures are available as options.
  • Tested with frequent power supply interruption and unstable 3G/cellular signal.

Up and Running within Days, or even Hours

  • Simple equipment/unit configuration, no programming.
  • If you choose cloud deployment, then SCADA Server, Historical Database, and User Interface software are already installed & running. We need to register & configure your account, RTU, and unit/equipment in the server, then we need to install RTU/Field Gateway on the field.
  • We can configure the server in 1-2 hours. RTU Installation in the field will take some time since we need to actually go to your site and ship the hardware. Apart from transportation / mobilization, RTU installation should take only 2-3 hours.