Industrial-Grade, Secure Communication Link with Ordinary Commercial 3G Data Plan.

Solving the “Cellular-Based SCADA” Challenge

  • Cellular-based data acquisition and control for geographically-distributed industrial equipment has many advantages compared to private wireless/radio network, especially in terms of COST & SIMPLICITY.
  • Ordinary commercial 3G/Cellular data service (especially in Indonesia) has many limitations to be used for SCADA application : Private and Dynamic IP Address, Blocked Ports, Limited Upload Bandwidth, Bandwidth Overload at “Prime Time”, and Frequent Connection Termination. Conventional SCADA system that uses Polling Method will have difficulties operating in this connection.
  • Corporate service is available at much higher cost and with minimum number of SIM subscription. Corporate subscriber get Private APN, Public & Static IP Address, VPN, and Leased Line to Corporate Data Center. In many cases of small to medium scale SCADA system, corporate subscription is too costly or too complicated.
  • INetSCADA offers a Reliable, Secure, 2-Way Connection over Ordinary commercial 3G/Cellular data service. Thanks to our proprietary communication driver software, secured with SSL encryption.

Choices when Cellular Data Service is Not Available

  • When cellular data service is not available, we have Satellite Communication Solution. Depending on the application, we can use Isat Data Pro (Inmarsat), BGAN, BGAN M2M (Inmarsat), Iridium, Orbcomm, or VSAT.
  • In some application, SMS can also be used for data collection.