We provide low cost, managed data services. You can use your OPEX.

Initial Investment Cost

  • Initial investment is necessary for RTU Hardware Procurement, Installation Cost, and Transportation Cost.
  • RTU Hardware cost range is US$ 1,200 to US$ 3,000 depending on system configuration, specification, and hardwired I/O count. Add US$ 1,200 to US$1,800 If you need Satellite Modem.
  • We can also supply Field Transmitters/Switches (Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level, etc.), PLC, Power Meter, Genset Controllers, and other Instrumentation/Automation Equipment as one complete package.
  • 1 (One) RTU can monitor & control up to 12 (Twelve) PLC or IED such as Power Meter, VSD, Genset Controller, Protection Relay, Rod Pump Controller, etc. The RTU also have 2 Ethernet Ports. You can monitor several equipment with 1 RTU.
  • Installation cost is based on manday rate (US$ 250). We always keep installation cost as small as possible. One RTU should take only 2-3 hours to install. After RTUs are properly installed, any other configuration, testing, and commissioning activities can be done remotely from our office.
  • Please CONTACT US to get formal quote.

Subscription Cost

  • Subsription cost range for Internet SCADA Solution is US$ 50 to US$ 250 per month per equipment, depending on type of equipment & data volume.
  • Subscription cost includes 3G/Cellular Data Plan. Different cost will apply for Satellite Data Plan.
  • Subscription cost includes Software Update (we continously update our software), 24/7 Remote Support, Historical Data Storage, and SMS Notification.
  • With subscription, you don’t need to invest in server hardware, software, and infrastructure. You don’t need software development or system integration project that costs a lot of time and money. You also don’t need to maintain the system.
  • Please CONTACT US to get formal quote.